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A Mighty Small Business: Celebrating 10 Years of Creativity

Kris Boger

Doylestown, PA – It all started as a scribbled idea in a dot-grid notepad: mind your design. Fast forward ten years and what you’ll discover is a locally-owned design agency with an office on Main Street, a seasoned and bustling team of creatives and technologists, and a well-established business with a passion for going the extra mile.

Over the course of a decade the team at Mind Your Design, led by Central Bucks alumni Paul and Kris Boger, has been trusted by hundreds of clients ranging from local businesses to major corporations. Although their focus is here in their backyard, the studio has seen work published across the country and internationally. Through their work in particular with small businesses, non-profits, and cultural institutions, Mind Your Design has built a track record of bringing value that far exceeds design to the clients they partner with. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at MYD went above and beyond to donate work, volunteer efforts, and support for businesses and non-profits throughout Bucks County.

“It's been a wild adventure. The entire business is really just this amazing, endless collaboration by an evolving team of creative people. For ten years we’ve stuck to one essential principle: work hard and help others. We've had incredible opportunities, made lasting friendships, and owe a great deal of thanks to our community for making it possible,” says Paul Boger, the studio’s creative director.

All the while, they have remained committed to their roots. Mind Your Design donates over 1,000 hours of work to local causes each year. That’s in addition to an array of personal volunteer efforts taken on by members of the team which range from cleaning up trash and organizing events to supporting charitable causes and serving on advisory boards.

“I'm just so thankful to have Mind Your Design in this community. I've been here for over thirty years and they're one of the most selfless, civic-minded businesses I've ever encountered...I wish more people knew how much MYD does for Doylestown,” commented John Davis, Doylestown Borough Manager.

Mind Your Design is a multidisciplinary creative studio located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The independent firm has partnered with brands and organizations across the United States ranging from sole proprietors to industry leaders. To learn more, visit

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Published 06.01.2021