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So, that’s what a decade feels like.

From humble beginnings to mighty underdogs, the first ten years of Mind Your Design has been the adventure of a lifetime. Since 2011 we have aimed to fuse neighborly service with world-class creativity. Our commitment to great service has set us apart and given us a track record for going the extra mile. Along the way, we have partnered with some of the nation’s smallest and largest organizations to create incredible results. Our team has grown to 15 strong. Our work has been published in all 50 states. We've executed over 5,000 projects. And we’ve collected enough stories to write more than a few books.

While we’ve been in the thick of the action, we have never forgotten the community that got us started and continues to support us every day. Each year we donate over 1,000 billable hours to causes, institutions, and people that we believe in. Our team engages in volunteerism that improves our neighborhood and benefits our fellow small businesses. 100% of that happens within 5 miles of our office.

Over the years we’ve formed not only great partnerships but also wonderful and lasting friendships. The generosity and trust we have felt from our neighbors and clients go beyond what we ever expected. 10 years ago we set out to build something we could be proud of. 10 years later we're still fighting the good fight. To our team, partners, clients, friends, and supporters near and far - we send our heartfelt thanks for making it all possible.

– The MYD Crew

we’ve got stories

Memories from
the team

  • “The time we met Steve McCurry and he photographed Paul’s tattoo. What ever happened to that?”
  • "Just overall how much I've learned. We work with so many types of businesses and the knowledge is always flowing."
  • "Working on the first prototype for a large telecom company. And then seeing it come to fruition."
  • "Late night conversations with the team around the campfire."
  • "Seeing the good work we do to help local business succeed makes me so grateful to be part of this amazing team."
  • "That time we put 8ft tall ladies in Ralph Rucci dresses on the windows of a museum."
  • "When that squirrel came into the office to hide supplies for the winter."
  • "Books, books, books. We're in the f'n Library of Congress!"
  • "Being invited to the executive floors of a major corporation in LA and consulted on the use of audio in user interface designs."
  • "Creating the giant 30 and working out how to program LED lights."
  • "Sampling food from all the restaurants we've worked with...because I'm always hungry."
  • "I can summarize this with 'Behind the scenes' for the multitude of times we've been invited through doors few are able to travel through."
  • "Getting together with the team and sharing all our crazy stories."
  • "Being able to grow as a creative and develop my skills in a real world environment."
  • "Being told we looked so “cool and hip” in our MYD hoodies and hats."
  • "Traveling to Penn State Harrisburg for my first Society of Design event."
  • "My time at Mind Your Design set the course for my career. I'll always be thankful for that."
  • "Shooting lifestyle images in Philly with a crew of models and getting to explore the city."
  • "The first time a client patented one of our designs."

pay it forward

If you’re considering doing something to congratulate us, that’s totally awesome and appreciated. Instead we would ask you make a donation to any organization of your choosing that is working to protect and preserve open space, clean air, and clean water in the United States. If you want suggestions, here are some organizations we stand behind.

good things

Messages from
our friends

Thank you

Without the trust, support, and efforts of everyone who has been involved with Mind Your Design for these last 10 years, it simply wouldn't have been possible. Every small business is built on a dream and a dash of hope. By the sheer willpower of some amazing people this one came true. Here’s to many more adventures. Here's to the underdogs.