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The Lumberville General Store is a go-to destination for locals and visitors to Bucks County. Located across the street from the historic Black Bass Hotel on the Deleware River, the LGS serves as a delightful eatery and event space.

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When we were approached to take a holistic look at the websites for the Lumberville General Store and Black Bass Hotel we pitched the content of a multisite experience to improve efficiency, unite the establishments, and design a beautiful experience.

The Lumberville General Store and Black Bass Hotel are distinctly different places, but they share a great deal of overlap and customers. Knowing the family may also one day expand, we wanted to build a more sustainable platform. With the power of Craft CMS behind us, we designed and developed a multisite experience. This allows several websites to share a single backend and content management system as well as user-facing design components.

Working closely with their internal marketing team, we designed a beautiful responsive interface paired with an intelligent and modern content management system. To support the unique and robust content strategy of both sites, and the potential for future additions, required a thoughtful strategy to organize and create content that can be shared or siloed based on the type of content and the site it belongs to.

We worked with the LGS team through project planning, content architecture, a full-stack design and development cycle, performance and search optimizations, and a smooth dual-site launch.

Featured photographs provided by the Lumberville General Store.

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