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COVID-19 Response

Paul Boger

We are taking the evolution of current events seriously and have taken actions to protect our team, partners, and community while maintaining support for our valued clients. To that end, the entire MYD team will be working remotely, per the guidance provided by Governor Wolf, until such a time as it is safe to resume normal operations.

We do not anticipate any disruption in service at this time. We may be slower in communication due to these changes and the impact on our daily lives. If deliveries or hard materials need to be exchanged we will coordinate this on a case-by-case basis. All meetings will be held via conference call effective immediately.

We're also in constant communication with our partners from web hosting to printing and everything in between to ensure support is available.

If you are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and urgently need support to update materials, communications, and websites please call us and we will assist you with urgency.

We thank you for your understanding and your ongoing support. As a small business ourselves we certainly understand the strain this has put on everyone. We are confident that we will pull through this together.

Stay safe out there,


Published 03.01.2020